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Kyamwilu Hills: A strange place in Kenya where gravity doesn't exist (Video)

This is the story of a mysterious place in Kenya where gravity is naturally defied.

Welcome to Kyamwilu hills, a place where gravity has no power. While there is no documented scientific analysis of this spectacular area, the locals were quite eager to narrate the famous folklore of how this place came to be.

Michael Nzuki Julius was born and raised in Kyamwilu. The father of three took us around the rather undeveloped area with scattered families known to mostly survive through domestic farming.

He shared a story that has been passed on for generations about the hills where gravity does not exist.


“This place is called Kyamwilu, a combination of two names. According to our ancestors, the hills were named after two brothers, Kyalo and Mwilu. They were identical twins who married one wife.”

According to Michael, Kyalo and Mwilu lived on opposite sides of the hill and their wife, Kalyeke would alternate her weeks by spending one with each of her husbands. Her pregnancy changed everything.

“As time went by they were blessed with a child," Michael narrates, “ Kyalo and Mwilu started fighting over the child. What his name would be and who would be the father. They finally agreed that instead of giving the child a cultural name, they would call him Kamau.”

Kalyeke’s second pregnancy birthed a baby girl whom she insisted on naming Mwende.

The unorthodox family went on with their lives until Mwilu passed on. After his death, Kalyeke and her children moved in with Kyalo also died a few years later.


“Time passed and Mwende was ready for marriage. She advised her family to sell their ancestral land and move to Lukenya hill. They finally did and moved in with Mwende’s in-laws in Lukenya, "  he explained, “It is said that the spirits of Kyalo and Mwilu have since been fighting for their children and wife.”

“Myth has it that Kyalo who lived uphill had more strength than Mwilu who lived downhill. Because when it rains the rainwater flows in the direction of Kyalo’s home. It is believed that Kyalo was the father of the boy and Mwilu the father of the girl.”

The people of Kyamwilu also believe that the area which was officially discovered in 1980 is a yet to be identified gold mine. One of the locals said that when white men came from Denmark and London they tested the river up to the hill as there was a spring. Their conclusion was that there are heavy deposits of gold in the area that causes the antigravity effect.

Here’s the video.


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