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5 meals every broke campus student eats

It’s no secret that half the students are broke while the other half is one drink away from being broke.

In between stressful cats, projects and nursing heartbreaks lay arguably the biggest concern; what to eat while financially crippled!  Here are the five meals that every student cooks in their bedsitters.

1)      Ugali+Mayai

If you were to randomly make an unannounced visit to your campus friend, it shouldn't surprise you if they quickly fix you up a quick ‘mayai ugali’ It doesn't matter if your friend is the typical slay queen or whether they hold a high position in the student body, everyone cracks an egg and squeezes that hot ugali.


2)      Indomie + mchele

It is said that this meal is common with the females. However, it is known but not said out loud that broke lads with little kitchen skills appreciate the invention of indomie.  Aside from its low-cost, the meal is popular its time saving aspect. In three minutes, the campus lass or lad forgets quickly how broke they are. They can also catch up on the due assignment in the three minutes.

3)      Smokie pasua

The pork industry has never had a better time. Even when the student’s pockets are not looking great, there always seem to be a 20 shilling coin somewhere deep in the pocket that ends up on the front pocket of the smokie guy. Stories are still being told of how short-lived the taste is as well as how it doesn’t end your hunger.

4)      Jupilee


If you haven’t heard or tasted 'jubilee' then you perhaps you have no financial woes. 'Jupilee', which is often mispronounced as 'jubilee', is a sausage-shaped andazi gaining traction in and around campuses. Its popularity could be from multiple reasons. It could because of how cheap it is or its sugary nature. Either way, hundreds of broke students have been saved from hunger during crucial times such as end of sem exams by jupilee.

5)      Viazi karai

Campus peeps have caught Swahili accent; well, that is as far as pronouncing ‘viazi karai’ correctly is concerned. In their defense, it took a while for them to unlearn calling them ‘bhajia’ They quickly realized that even the taste differed so much from bhajia.


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