Who knew that slay queens can actually cook?

Well, they don’t like being called slay queens but we mean well when we call them that. Anyway, Vera Sidika seems to be enjoying every bit of her Vlogging journey. Hajaboeka bado. She’s steadily gaining followers and new subs. She’s using YouTube to share bits of her life with her staunch followers and some of the content is nice I must admit. I’m not for the click bait boring ass first video she shared pretending she was pregnant. It worked to get her followers but that’s lame content. But like I said, she’s getting better. Vera shared a Pilau recipe on her YouTube channel and we are definitely giving it a thumbs up. It’s not your average pilau njeri.

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Here’s how to make that coastal Pilau, the Vera Sidika way.


-Medium sized chopped pieces of beef


-Full peeled potatoes, depending on how many you want to put in the rice

-Spices - cumin seeds, Pilau Masala, cinnamon, cardamom seeds and cloves. For the spices,(except Pilau Masala) use the actual spices as opposed to the industrial processed ones, for better taste.

- For the pilipili ya kukaangwa, you will need, lemons (to make the chili taste sweet and sour), tomatoes, garlic, onions, ginger, and chilies. (all chopped. Quantity depends on how much pilipili ya kukaangwa you need)


1. Start by washing your meat and put it in a pot under low heat for it to cook till it starts to be golden brown.

2. Add some oil then put your pounded garlic, stir then put all the spices (go easy on the spices though, use a tea spoon of each) and some salt then add the peeled potatoes and mix and leave it to cook for a few minutes.

3. Measure water depending on how much rice you’re cooking. Use the ratio of 2-3 meaning, if you put two cups of rice, put three cups of water.

4. Leave it to boil and then add your rice. (she did not wash the rice)

5. Let it cook under medium heat. Cover the pot with foil paper, and add a few pieces of hot charcoal for it to evenly cook.

6. Once the rice is almost ready, make your pilipili ya kukaangwa by blending all the condiments- garlic, peppers, tomatoes, ginger (just a little bit) and once you have blended, put it in a dry pan on low heat cover it and let the water from the paste dry. After which, you mix it up a little bit, add a bit of cooking oil, salt, tomato paste and let it cook for about two minutes then add your freshly squeezed lemon.

7. Serve the rice with your pilipili ya kukaangwa and a bit of salsa on the side.

You can watch the full tutorial here.