5 surprising foods that help you lose weight

Who knew?

However, studies have shown that some of these foods and other unexpected ones are actually helpful to your weight loss.

They range from spices, to tubers to red meat.

Here are 5 surprising foods that help with weight loss.

1. Cinnamon

This spice has been shown to boost metabolism in fat cells.

2. White potatoes

They are fat free, filling, a rich source of fibre and starch. When eaten baked they are a very good friend to weight loss.

3. Steak

Lean cuts contain less fatty protein and are also filling. The rich protein will help burn more calories.

4. Pepper

Chilli sauce, chillies, peppers have been found to have a compound that temporarily increases metabolism.

5. Pistachios

Of all nuts for snacking, pistachios contain more calories than other types. However, because they take longer to be eaten, studies have revealed that they lead to less calorie intake.


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