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Here's what happens to your body when you eat eggs every day

An egg a day...


How many eggs do you eat in a week?

Nutritional requirements vary from person to person. As such, there is no standards such as the number of eggs a person should eat every day. For some, 2 eggs in a week is okay while others need 2 eggs depending on their body’s nutritional requirements.

So, what happens when you eat eggs daily? Well, in as long as you do not eat too many of them, eggs have great benefits.


Check out some of the great things that happen to your body when you eat eggs:

1. Eyes health

According to research, chicken eggs are rich in antioxidants lutein and xeanxanthin which are good for a sharp and clear eyesight. The two antioxidants also protect the eyes from cataracts and macular degenerations.

2. Vitamin D

Eggs contain good amounts of vitamin D which is good for bone strength and development. Vitamin D also promotes the absorption of Calcium into the body.


3. Weight loss

They contain a perfect score of proteins which helps you stay fuller for longer. Making eggs part of your breakfast will keep you from snacking every minute hence aiding weight loss.

4. Immune system

If you have been a victim of recurrent infections, your immunity is probably wanting. Eggs contain selenium an element which is known to boost the immunity. According to research, two eggs a day will help take your immune system to another level.


5. Improved memory

Eggs contain an amino acid known as choline which helps improve memory and responsiveness.

6. Rich in folate

Folate helps in the formation of new red blood cells. As such, people who lack it are at a risk of developing anemia. Also, folate is important among pregnant women as it aids in the development of the fetus.

7. Anti-aging


Want to remain younger for longer? Try eating eggs daily. They contain amino acids that help in the building and the regeneration of cells thus making your skin appear younger.


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