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Items & services you will pay for twice the normal price during rainy season

While some of these expenses can be mitigated with careful planning and high-quality purchases initially, others are simply part of dealing with a wet season

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The rainy season brings with it the promise of cooler weather and lush landscapes.

However, this season also presents unique challenges that can lead to unexpected expenses.

Preparing for the relentless downpours often involves not just one-time purchases but repeated investments in certain items and services.

Whether it's due to damage, loss, or inadequate initial preparations, you might find yourself having to pay for an item or service with twice the normal charge.


While these is largely driven by the forces of supply and demand in business, it can be strenious and leave a dent in your wallet.

Here are some things you might find yourself paying for twice during the rainy season:

It's not uncommon to lose an umbrella or find that the one you just bought has broken due to strong winds or poor quality.

Similarly, raincoats can tear or prove ineffective against heavy rains. This might lead you to purchase replacements, adding unexpected expenses to your budget.


Whether it's for shoes, jackets, or even your home, you might find yourself buying waterproofing sprays or sealants more than once.

For open air businesses you are forced to purchase material to cover your products can be expensive.


These products often need reapplication to maintain their effectiveness, especially during a particularly wet season.

For those in flood-prone areas, initial attempts at flood-proofing (like sandbags or minor repairs to leaks) may not hold up against severe weather.

This could result in paying for additional repairs or reinforcements partway through the season.


Rain often drives pests such as insects and rodents into homes seeking shelter and warmth. You might pay for pest control early in the season, only to find that the problem persists or worsens, necessitating further treatment.

Gutters and drains can quickly become clogged with leaves and debris during stormy weather. Even if you’ve had them cleaned once, heavy rains can necessitate doing it again to prevent water damage and overflow.


Driving in wet conditions can be tough on your vehicle. You might find yourself needing to replace windshield wipers, repair brakes, or fix other weather-related wear more frequently. Tires may also need replacing if they lose their grip in wet conditions.

Water damage to electronics can be a costly affair. Even with precautions, things like smartphones, laptops, or other portable devices can get wet, leading to repair or replacement costs.

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