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Annoying things Kenyans do after returning from Majuu

It's all fake

It's not easy to live among foreigners in a far away country with no family and friends around.

But in as much as we appreciate how well they represent us in diaspora, sometimes they get too extra when they come back to Kenya.

Would you relate with these irritating habits of Kenyans after returning from diaspora?


1. These fellas forget their mother tongue two years after visiting the States. But really?

You go to pick them at the airport and they are there pretending like their mother tongue has suddenly changed to Greek. They struggle with Swahili and make sure they speak it with all the foreign accent.

"You know, I'd rather stick to English 'cause am really struggling with Dholuo" they say.

2. Just because they came home, you have to change your diet to a new whole lot altogether to accommodate them. Even the renowned Kamau wa mutura  gets a running stomach after eating matumbo and mutura since he went to Australia. Since when did staying abroad give you the green-light to diss our beloved Kenyan cuisine?


3. You literally have to accompany them wherever they go because they no longer feel safe alone. Even when they are going to the shopping centre, they will still need you to be there to guard them from heavens know what. These same people used to party in town all night and even spent several weekends in cells and cared not.

4. "Ooh my goodness, I can't handle the traffic. How do you people survive in Nairobi?". Honestly, you are wondering how we survive in Nairobi yet you lived in the same city prior to the inception of the Thika super high way? It's okay to rant but at least don't make it look like you forgot how ugly things can get in Kenya.

5. Back in the US blah blah blah..we have heard all this and need no more of it. We may want to hear some juicy stuff about what life at the States is like but, using that annoying phrase to start every conversation sucks. We already know that the roads are perfect, there is no dust and all that stuff. For the short moment you are here, bare with our dusty roads and don't remind us how rugged they are.

6. With money comes class which is totally okay. The problem is when you try to look down on others because you are of a higher social status. So, stay humble and respect everyone before you suffer a tragic downfall.


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