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Six first date ideas

First dates are a make-it-or-break-it moment unfortunately.

Blind date

Sadly though, men most of the time taint this first encounter with endless bragging, cockiness and shady date spot choices. We are not asking you to hire a chopper (though we will not be angry if you do), but just think out the box.

Good date doesn’t always mean you have to spend thousands to impress us, not too complex for you not to handle either. Make it casual but spontaneous: look like you put your mind into planning it.

Always have it at the back of your mind, first date is not rocket-science. It’s just a time where you get to know someone.

Here are 6 first-date ideas, you could try


6. Alcohol

Unless your main aim is to lay her, fast…dimly lit bars are not a perfect setting for a casual date let alone conversation. Save this like the third date. However, drinks are not limited to bars and clubs only, you can do a lounge chilled out spot (try Dancing Spoon Café and Wine Bar), and it’s located at IMAX (20th century).

5. Coffee

Coffee is ridiculously inexpensive date! Plus, you have just few minutes to be in each others faces, so if shit hits the fan…you can leave in less than 30minutes!

Coffee is daytime date, which often sets more of a "friendly" tone than a romantic one. For this reason, it's important to select a proper coffee date spot.


4. Dinner

Sounds like a no-brainer, right? Wrong. Unless you know the lady, you can’t take her to Ocean Basket and maybe she is allergic to sea food, or Burger King and she doesn’t like burgers.

Be smart about dinner date, if you start with a 5-star dinner, women expect you to maintain all through. Don’t be cheap either, no one wants to go to Sonford: even if we eat that kuku porno).

Try Kilimanjaro restaurant (the one on Moi Avenue, it is less packed and budget-friendly than the other one). Plus has a variety of dishes for one to choose.

3. Museum


Now this is what I call being unique! First, not all of us have even bothered to enter a common Museum like National Archives.

So you will be a cut above the rest. An art museum could be bliss!

That said, museum date is tricky, you need to know her general taste. So you’ll ave to do a run-down in the museum before you settle on one.

2. Bowling

Its lots of fun to bowl (there’s always a first time for everything) plus there can be oopsy physical contacts.


Research Village Market bowling (costs about Ksh 350/=), head out, find an alley, get some bowling shoes, snacks and drinks, and sit back and enjoy watching your date hurl large balls down a greased alley. Simple.

There’s also mini Golf (unless it was closed, been a while since I did it).

1. Picnic

Chivalry is lost. I don’t know any man who still does park strolling or picnics!

Picnics are romantic, if y’all knew. Get that romance back, tell your ego to take a couple of chairs. If you plan and execute a picnic date, you are not a sissy…trust me. Sometimes, you have to man up.


Pursue  the one with everything you have, and don’t be afraid to enjoy a picnic or two along the way.


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