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'It tastes like chicken' — Hollywood star Lupita Nyong'o eats snake meat in Benin

Lupita Nyong'o documented her first encounter with the unusual protein.

Lupita Nyong'o [Glamour]

In a video shared on Instagram, she documented her first encounter with the unusual protein, offering viewers a glimpse into her cultural exploration.

Nyong'o began by prepping her fans, announcing her intention to "eat viper for the first time in my life," adding a playful air to the potentially off-putting dish.

Lifting the lid on the plate, she revealed well-cooked, golden brown pieces of meat nestled amongst vibrant tomatoes.


The initial apprehension seemed to fade as she remarked, "It doesn't look as scary as I thought it would."

Taking the first bite, Nyong'o's surprise was evident. "It actually tastes like chicken!" she exclaimed. "The texture is like chicken, the flesh is like chicken."

Her initial fear dissipated, replaced by a newfound appreciation for the exotic dish. However, one aspect didn't quite win her over. "I am not into the skin though," she admitted with a laugh.

Nyong'o's openness to trying new things sparked curiosity and conversation among her followers. Her experience highlights the diverse culinary landscape across the globe and encourages openness to unfamiliar flavours.


While viper might not be on everyone's menu, her adventurous spirit serves as a reminder that stepping outside our comfort zones can lead to unexpected and satisfying discoveries.


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