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This is how long you should keep your meaty products in the fridge

Even frozen meat has a shelf life.

This is how long you should keep these meaty products frozen.


They can last a day or two in the fridge at a temperature of 40 degrees but can go for up to a year in the freezer at a temperature of 0 degrees. This is raw poultry.


Cooked poultry can last a few days longer than two days in the fridge but shouldn’t be frozen for more than two to six months.

Red meat and pork

In the fridge – they can last for up to five days

In the freezer – they can last for four to 12 months.

Cooked meat – three to four days in the fridge and two to six months in the freezer.


Ground meat

Refrigerator – one to two days

Freezer – three to four months.

Hot dogs


Refrigerator – two weeks when unopened though should be eaten within three to five days of being opened.

Freezer – One to two months

Bacon and sausage

Bacon and sausages can be frozen for a month.

Bacon can last for up to a week in the fridge while sausages should be eaten within two days.


Source: Reader's Digest


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