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Mercure Hotel launches cooking classes with Chef Hilal Kaafarani [DETAILS]

The Mercure Cooking Class event aims to provide a unique platform for aspiring cooks and the local community to enhance their culinary skills and foster a love for cooking

Chef Hilal Kaafarani

Mercure Hotel Nairobi Upper Hill is thrilled to announce the launch of its highly anticipated cooking classes, spearheaded by the hotel's esteemed Executive Chef, Hilal Kaafarani.

With a vision to make cooking skills more accessible and enjoyable, Chef Hilal Kaafarani emphasizes the value of improving cooking abilities and creating consistently delicious, healthy, and sustainably sourced meals.

The cooking classes aim to go beyond simply following recipes, focusing on enhancing participants' understanding of food and encouraging them to truly enjoy the art of cooking.

"I'm passionate about bringing fun into the kitchen and teaching people how to taste and appreciate food on a deeper level. Our cooking classes are designed to equip participants with valuable culinary skills, whether they're cooking for themselves, their families, or pursuing a career in the culinary industry," Chef Hilal Kaafarani expressed.


Gerard Moutou, the General Manager at Mercure Hotel Nairobi Upper Hill, enthusiastically affirmed the hotel's commitment to creating an exceptional experience for participants.

"We are excited to extend the outstanding teaching quality of our culinary team and provide a platform for our local community to enhance their culinary skills. Cooking is a vital life skill, and we take pride in delivering transferrable skills for both domestic cooks and aspiring career chefs in Nairobi," said Gerard Moutou.

The hotel's initiative to share culinary expertise with the community reflects their dedication to enriching the local food culture and promoting a passion for cooking.

Participants can look forward to immersive cooking sessions, where they will acquire valuable techniques, learn about ingredient selection, and unleash their creativity in the kitchen.


With a passion for great food and an impressive culinary background, Chef Hilal brings his expertise and creativity to the table, leaving guests with unforgettable dining experiences.

Born and raised in Lebanon, Chef Hilal has honed his skills through diverse culinary adventures across the globe. His love for cooking and creating delectable dishes stems from his desire to see happy faces savoring every bite. He finds fulfillment in knowing that his culinary creations have brought joy to his customers.

With a proven track record of delivering exceptional cuisine, Chef Hilal continuously pushes the boundaries of culinary artistry.


His freedom of expression in the kitchen allows him to experiment with flavors, textures, and presentation, resulting in dishes that are not only visually appealing but also incredibly satisfying.

Chef Hilal's extensive experience spans over 10 African countries, including Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Gabon, Ivory Coast, and Rwanda. In Ethiopia, he served as the Cluster Executive Chef at Getfam Hotel in Addis Ababa.

In Kenya, he held the esteemed position of Cluster Executive Chef at Best Western Plus in Nairobi and also worked at Ramada Hotel in Addis Ababa and Boma Hotel in Nairobi.

Additionally, he has enriched his culinary expertise through various stints in renowned hotels across the Middle East and the Gulf.

As a testament to his culinary prowess, Chef Hilal is a world winner, having achieved The Gold in prestigious competitions such as Horeca in Lebanon, France, and the Gulf in 2012, 2014, and 2017, respectively. His expertise goes beyond the kitchen, as he is also well-versed in the field of nutrition, making him an exceptional all-around culinary professional.


In addition to his culinary skills, Chef Hilal is multilingual, fluently speaking English, French, and Arabic. His diverse cultural background and international experiences enable him to create menus that cater to a wide range of tastes and preferences.


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