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Omena recipe: Here’s the right way to make delicious omena

You will ask for more and more

You probably can’t remember or you actually have never had a taste of it because you fear being disappointed.

Most people shy away from cooking omena because they do not know how to make it correctly. Omenas are rich in Iron, Calcium, Zinc, Phosphorous and is also calories free. Clearly, although most people struggle to make this delicacy, they are full of nutrients that we cannot afford to miss.

But fret not. After reading this, you should be able to prepare omena correctly all by yourself and you will want more and more if you do it right.


1. 500g omenas

2. 3 Tomatoes


3. Dhania

4. 1 Large onion

5. Garlic

6. Water

7. 2 cups of sour milk


8. Cooking oil

First, pick all the dirt in your omenas to ensure they are clean. Then, wash them at least two times in warm water.

Now add water to your omena in a sufuria and let it boil for 30 minutes or more. If there is still more water left, drain it completely and let the omenas sit on fire until they are dry.

In a different pot, cut the onions into small pieces and let them fry until they turn golden brown. Then add garlic and fry it slightly.


Now it’s time to add your tomatoes, dhanias and pepper if you wish. Once they are well fried, add the omenas and stir. Salt to taste and add any other spices of your choice such as royco. Cover it and let it cook for around five minutes.

Remember we had sour milk? Now it’s time to add it into the saucy mixture as you stir it. If you have no milk, you can always use water. Be sure to check if the salt is enough then cover it and reduce the heat.

After 3-5 minutes, your omena should be ready to serve.

Serve it hot with ugali and vegetables and enjoy it to the last bite.


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