The price of sugar has shot up to Ksh 275 for a two kilogram packet all due to the presence of contraband sugar in the country.

Although most Kenyans’ desire for now is to quit sugar to avoid the effects of the mercury-laced sugar, it is not an easy thing to do. But you see, nothing is too difficult as long as you are determined and that is what quitting sugar is all about.

So, if you are struggling with sugar addiction, the first thing is to get the idea fixed in your mind. Every time you crave for a cup of tea with sugar, remind yourself that you have set a goal to quit for good and you simply can’t give in to the urge. You can actually write it down as part of your weekly goals so that you do not forget.

You can also try adding more milk to your tea or just add tea leaves to plain milk. This way, you will hardly notice much difference and you most likely will like it. After drinking it for some days, you will notice that the urge for tea with sugar will suppress gradually and before you know it, you will like sugarless tea more.

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If your craving for sugar is really bad, try and replace it with natural sugars such as honey. By all means stay away from artificial sugary products such as sweets, cakes and chocolates as they will only be a temptation to fall back into drinking tea with sugar.

It’s now or never. Do not say or plan to quit tomorrow or the following week. If you really want to quit sugar once and for all, start it today or else you will never do it.

The journey to quitting sugar will mostly take utmost two weeks if you are serious about it. Therefore, brace yourself for it and resist to relapse.