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How to make tasty potato crisps at home

It’s super easy

Homemade potato crisps(YouTube)

The smallest packet of potato crisps retails at around Ksh 45; which is not really cheap given that you are left craving for more.

But what if you bought a tin of potatoes which is about Ksh 100 and made your own potato crisps at home? You will make lots of crisps and still remain with more potatoes to make mukimo or any other delicacy.

Now you are wondering how you can make crisps at home already. Well, it’s actually easy and once you master the art of making them, you will realize how much money you have been losing. First, for you to make crunchy crisps, the quality of potatoes really matters. Just like it is with fries, the wrong choice of potatoes will give you soggy crisps. Once you are equipped with the right potatoes, you are as good as ready.

All you need now is a potato slicer or a sharp knife to slice the potatoes, cooking oil and flavors of your choice.


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Peel the potatoes and ensure they have no marks left on them. Then, wash them until the water is clear.

After that, cut the potatoes into halves for easier slicing. If you have a slicer, the better since you will have even sizes. If you are using the knife, slice them into very thin sizes and be careful not to cut yourself.


To avoid stained crisps, wash off the starch again from the sliced potatoes. For easier cooking, it’s also necessary to blanch the potatoes. Simply immerse the slices in hot water carefully and remove them after a while.

Then dry your potato slices using a strainer; this also helps to prevent the crisps from being soggy. Meanwhile, your cooking oil should be hot already. Carefully put your potatoes in the hot oil and let them cook.

After removing them from the frying pan, put them in a place where the excess oil can drain. Then add salt, vinegar, lemon, chili or the flavors of your choice.

Leave them to cool and after some time, they will get crunchy. Easy, right? Try it out. 



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