When in Kenya, don’t do as the Kenyans do and flood the place that’s the latest craze. A country so diverse it doesn’t have a national dress keeps adventurers spoilt for choice as to what they can get up to.

Here are some of the most unique places in Kenya to spend your tourist money.

Olepolos Country Club- Kiserian

Located along Magadi Road, the club is a place renowned for its unrivalled views and excellent meat. If you want to exercise your carnivorous muscles, it is one of the best and most scenic locations to do so.

Maasai Ostrich Farm- Kitengela

About an hour’s drive away from Nairobi CBD, the Ostrich Farm is a one-of-a-kind zoo experience where visitors get to ride and eat ostrich.

Kitum Cave- Mt. Elgon

This is a cavern that extends 180m into the mountain. Animals for centuries have used this cave as a salt lick. Elephants dug this cave.

In 1980 and 1987, however, visitors to Kitum contracted the deadly Maburg virus. It is suspected that the bats’ spiked guano is the vector.

Gedi Ruins- Malindi

The lost city of Gedi was once a thriving metropolitan. The Sultan and his habitants, however, suddenly packed up and left. All estimated 2500 inhabitants were never heard from again.  Nobody knows why they left. The Gedi residents were suspected to have been in 2037 when everyone else was in 1837. Artefacts from all over the world like Ming dynasty vases and Venetian glass have been found among the ruins which were first discovered by an outsider in 1920.

Marafa Depression- Malindi

This place is also known as Hell’s Kitchen. Locally it is known as Nyari which means “place broken by itself”. The place is a sandstone ridge eroded into a series of jagged gorges after erosion by wind and water.

George Adamson Grave- Tana River

George Adamson was perhaps Africa’s most famous European conservationist along with his wife Joy. He worked primarily with lions, helping them rehabilitate into the wild after release from the zoo or circus. He was killed by poachers in 1989 and was buried in Kora National Park where he refused to leave even after rapidly escalating hostility and tension.