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Tips to preserve your tomatoes for longer

How do you keep yours fresh?

Fresh tomatoes

There days you will find that tomatoes are very cheap but you wonder how you can preserve them.

If you have been in such a situation, these tips should help you out:

1. Put them upside down


Place the tomatoes on a flat surface with the stem side facing downwards. This way, the tomatoes do not lose moisture that lead to withering or pick up bacteria that make them go bad.

2. Room temperature

The secret to storing tomatoes for longer periods is ensuring that they are under room temperature. If it’s too hot, your tomatoes will go bad. If they are not ripe, don’t refrigerate them until they ripen.

3. Drying them


This method has been tried and proven to work for a long period of time. If you live in a hot area, all you do is dry them under the heat of the sun. Cut them into small pieces, put them on trays and place them outside for some days until they are completely dry. Then store them safely in a can for future use.

4. Freeze

Tomatoes can be frozen in their full size, in pieces, pureed or blended form. However, do not expect them to retain their original taste and texture.

5. Canning


Clean and dry your tomatoes well before canning them. You can cut them into halves or store them in their whole size. Put them in a glass jar and add vinegar, lime juice or citric acid to preserve them for longer periods.


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