How water from Nairobi Rivers is making men impotent

According to a new research conducted by the University of Nairobi

According to the study the food produced from using the dirty water from Nairobi Rivers such as sukuma wiki are carrying chemicals that could cause impotence.

The study was conducted by observing the testicles of mature male pigs (80 percent of their genetic make-up is similar to those of human beings) that fed on the dirty water from some Nairobi Rivers.

The pigs’ testicles were found to be abnormal and that the testicles in many piglets were not descending into the scrotum, an observation that they blame on the fact that the mother pigs drank water from those dirty rivers.

"We investigated and found 10 per cent of male piglets in the areas of Dandora, Mathare, and Kibera indeed had retained testicles," lead researcher Prof Henry Mutembei told the Standard.

Apparently a pig with two undescended testicles will be infertile.

The researchers took their study further and fed mice with the contaminated water from these rivers and observed the exact same effects as those in the pigs.

The study was published in the International Journal of Veterinary Science and was conducted by researchers from the University of Nairobi.


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