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Kenyans reveal kindest gestures strangers have done for them

"He gave me his spare phone after I lost mine in a matatu" - Agnes Wairimu

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Nairobi is often described by Kenyans as a concrete jungle and crime hotspot where you have to be alert all the time lest you lose your possessions or worse your life.

Social media is littered with stories of people narrating the nerve-wracking experiences they have gone through in the hands of friends, family and strangers.

However, Pulse Live was able to get the silver lining in the chaotic city, in the form of generous and heartwarming acts of kindness Nairobians and other Kenyans have received from complete strangers.

Agnes Wairimu narrated that in 2018, she lost her smartphone while travelling in a matatu in Kayole and a Nigerian national who was sitting next to her gave her a spare mulika mwizi.


From kayole nikaibiwa simu kwa mathree yrs back, jamaa mnaigeria akaona vile nimeshikwa na stress akanitolea kamlika mwizi kake Nokia akanipea. From then Mimi nikaanza kumshuku Ni yeye ameiba simu yangu inauma Hadi leo,

Moses Machoka said he got accommodation for one month when his housemate unexpectedly moved in with his girlfriend.

Nilikuwa napika chapati pipeline na beshte yangu nilikuwa naishi na yeye.sasa siku moja kwenda kwa nyumba nikapata mrembo wake ashaigia. Nilienda kugogea dem mwigine mkisii akanipa accommodation ya 1 month nikikula na nikikunywa.Asante miss machoka,” he thanked.

My periods came through unannounced...My cramps are crazy, I was like two km from my house and I knew I was not gonna make it. So lucky enough my pal’s home was close so I thought I would go there and recuperate for an hour or two. I get there, and my pal wasn't home. By then my head was dizzy and I knew I didn't have much time. I looked around and I saw an open door. I walked right into that house and passed out there on this lady's floor... In between the blackouts, I was able to mumble out cramps and she got the point. I gave her my phone and purse as collateral. She bought me the pills, she allowed me to go through the whole process . She gave me the sanitary towels. Then she and her boyfriend lifted me up and laid me on her bed. Man. Lifesaver. I came to like 2hrs later. Feeling well and most of all safe. I always thank God for her always,” Cecilia Wangechi.


In 2017, I had an accident involving a bodaboda in Nyahururu Town on my way from work. Niligongwa nikatupwa kando ya barabara and the guys left. I was bleeding so profusely kwa mguu, knees na mikono. A certain guy who was passing by took me to Nyahururu private hospital for medication and luckily I met him after. Mwangi wherever you are, may God bless you. You saved a life,” Lillian Mbuthia.

Kibeti yangu iliibiwa Nairobi na ilikua na ID na my phone no. Somebody found it huko Githurai 45, he called me and brought it all the way to my home. Maina may God continue blessing you...Then this year I was taking my boy to form one, a man found us on the stage with his personal car, asked me where we were heading to,and he said ‘Nataka nipeleke huyu kijana shule ndio ile siku nitampata Kenyatta hospital akiwa daktari atanitibu bure’, he took us to school na hakuitisha anything.....Mwalimu...may God bless you always.....Good people still exist,” Joyce Gitonga.

In 2010 my son burnt his hand with uji, I rushed him to hospital and admitted for one week. Aki somebody footed all my bills.I was just an intern with no money, no job, no husband, a single mother.I'll never forget this,” Rose Karozy


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