6 things to do when you move out for the first time

While guardians will be quick to give you advice on how to be morally upright and focus on your goals, no one really prepares you for adult life especially when it comes to finances, personal growth and nurturing your home.

If you are just moving out, here are 6 tips to hack the first awkward six months.

1. Pay your electricity earlier

If you are using pre paid electricity, then always buy extra immediately after replenishing yours. You don't want to stay in the darkness for a whole night and to be honest, there are days when those tokens won't show up until you make a phone call or find your way to Electricity house. To be on the safe side, buy early.

2. Stock up food

As you learn to manage your finances, one of the best ways to make sure you will never miss a meal is by stocking up on food. This will keep you sorted even when the cash runs out. (It does sometimes even you think you've got enough of it.)

3. Keep some money under your pillow

Something always comes up. For the nights you want to go out or end up losing your purse, having that extra thousand bob under your pillow will help you move around and survive as you hustle your way around the loss. Keep enough money at least to last you at least three-four days.

4. Seriously, plan your finances

Don't just set money aside for emergency, transport, food, and rent. The purpose of starting life on your own is to grow yourself into a successful independent adult. Continue furnishing your house, plan a trade in for a better couch or a new microwave... just don't get comfortable.

5. Cook!

Instead of splurging your money on restaurants, invest in a good gas cooker and cook. Finesse your ugali making skills, learn a few new recipes beyond the usual beef stew delicacy. Make yourself a gourmet meal and simply enjoy it.

6. Scan and save your lease documents

Let someone else also have a copy of it as this will help ease your moving out when time comes. It's no secret, getting back your deposit money has a 90% chance of being a serious hustle. With your receipts documented, your landlord won't have a way of stealing your money.


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