Clear signs you need a new househelp

A house manager can either build or bring your house down to shambles.

Having a house manager can go two ways.

The idea of keeping a maid whether a day bag or sleep in takes a lot from your mental energy. There are so many things to consider. So when you finally find the right one, you practically beg the gods to keep her happy and content in your house.

It's a special kind of marriage.

But just like any other relationship, having a house manager can go two ways. She either maintains your home as the peaceful and safe sanctuary you want it to be or she brings the house down to chaos.

No, my intentions in this article are not to highlight the husband snatching, extra marital sexual accommodating demons that come your way in the shape of a maid.

Nobody needs that kind of negativity in their life.

Well, there is no set guideline on how to hire a good house help. Usually we rely on maternal instincts and the kind of vibes we get from the first meeting. Still, there are certain things that should keep you alert and if possible, make you start looking for a new house help.

1. She is irresponsible

Does she leave the knives where your children can easily access them? Is she always forgetting food on the cooker or leaving the iron box on?

Irresponsible behaviors could be excused but then again they can lead serious accidents. You might be putting your child or property in imminent danger.

2. She is lazy

Which is contrary to what you are paying for. If you come home at lunch time and your living room still looks like the pig sty your children left it as the night before, then you need to start thinking of a replacement. You can talk to her about it but unless changes are made then you'll regret it the day you host a visitor and he pulls a diaper beneath the couch pillows.

3. She is unhygienic

Your health and that of your family are of top most priority. Again, a woman's first love is soap. Does she remember to wash her hands after using the washroom? Where does she leave her combs or dispose of her nails? Little things like this, especially in the presence of young children or new born babies, can cause a major problem with their health. Diarrhea kills you know.

4. She's lacking in manners

Even though she is polite to you,  find out what kind of language does your house help use around your children. Remember your children spend a lot of time around your house help and they adapt a lot from what they see and hear.

5. And speaking of children...

How do they HONESTLY feel about your maid? Honestly is is caps because a lot of cases have ben recently making rounds on social media about house helps torturing children while the parents are at work. Most don't say for fear of retribution the next morning when the parents leave.

The dilemma comes in when you are not sure if your child is being malicious or speaking the truth.

Word of advice: Better safe than sorry. Ignoring the cry of your child may be the helping hand that puts them in a coffin or bruises them physically or worse wet psychologically for life.


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