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Lulu Hassan’s tips on having a successful marriage

Lulu Hassan acknowledged the uniqueness of each marriage and gave a disclaimer that her views may not work for everyone.

Lulu Hassan

Media personality Lulu Hassan has given her insights on how to have a successful marriage, borrowing heavily from her experience.

Her tips touched on various aspects of life, including handling finances, friendship and bank accounts.

While giving her insights, Lulu who is married to fellow media star Rashid Abdalla added that the tips may not work for some and cautioned couples against copying the strategies of others blindly.



She noted that true friendship is one of the recipes for a successful marriage, noting that it fosters an environment of mutual respect.

The award-winning journalist noted that being friends in a marriage sees people remain sensitive in how they treat their partner with love and respect characterizing such unions.

“If you are my friend na ninakusheshimu, kuna vitu huwezi fanya mimi nihisi kudhalilishwa,” Lulu explained in an interview with SPM Buzz.

Financial transparency


The media personality shared that financial transparency has worked to their advantage, revealing that both she and her husband, Rashid, are aware of each other's earnings.

She noted that financial transparency promotes responsible utilization of funds, curbing wastage and enhancing accountability in a marriage.

"Inategemea na yule mtu amekuoa, na yule mtu umeolewa naye. As for me, anajua how much I earn and I also know how much he earns... Ni vizuriu kujua kwa sababu mwanzo ntajua pesa zako unazitumiaje na that means huwezu tumia pesa zako vibaya ama kuzitumia kule nje na watu wengine," she said.

Sharing bank account


Lulu who was named among the 50 most influential CEOs in Kenya in January shared that she is not in support of couples sharing a bank account.

She questioned why a couple should share a bank account when each has their income streams, emphasized that despite having separate bank accounts, financial transparency remains important.

"Kushare account I don't advocate for that. Si poa. Why should we share accounts na kila mtu anafanya kazi yake? Labda ya watoto," Lulu explained.

Blindly copying strategies of others


That each marriage is unique is a fact that Lulu acknowledges.

She cautioned couples against copying the strategies of others blindly, including hers, noting that marriage has no manual and what may work for one couple may not work for another.

"But what works for me might not work for you... Marriage haina manual. Usiseme unataka kucopy some one-two from Lulu utakosea. Jinsi Rashid alivyo kwangu si vile mume wako atakuwa kwako," Lulu explained.


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