6 annoying ways in-laws interfere in your marriage

Love them or hate them, in-laws can do some things that make you want to pull your hair out.


Unfortunately sometimes, things do not always turn out the way we want them to and love them or hate them, in-laws can do some things that make you want to pull your hair out.

Here are some ways in-laws interfere with your marriage:-

They insert themselves in your decisions as a couple

Since you are family now, some in-laws may feel the need to always comment on every little thing that happens in your marriage.

They heard you and your significant other want to buy a car, they feel you should wait until after you get a child to get a car.

They do not always mean it in a bad way, they just feel like they might be helping the situation out.

They try to turn you and your significant other against each other

There are some in-laws out there that will want to keep your significant other on their side by speaking ill about you to your husband/wife.

They intentionally make you feel bad

Sometimes your in-laws may just not like you. It happens.

This might make them say some hurtful things about you. You could always try to speak to them about it though and try to reason out with them.

They don’t respect your space

Some of your in-laws may feel the need to show up to your house unannounced-all the time. Not to say that they are not welcome because you are family after all but you just wish that sometimes they could at least give you a head’s up before coming to your home.

They shut you out

Dealing with difficult in-laws may cause them to shut you out. They might intentionally ignore you or simply

They talk about you behind their back

This goes hand in hand with them not liking you. It is very easy for them to talk behind your back and not say what they want to say straight to your face.


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