Tricks women use to lure men to marry them

She may be luring you to marriage if she does this...

Or is suddenly giving approval to your best friend that she found to be annoying before; then you might want to pay close attention to those changes as she may be luring you into marriage.

Here are some tell-tale signs you may want to look out for.

She cooks for you

She will go out of her way to cook for you and not just the regular cooking but really throw down in the kitchen.

The say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and a woman that wants to get married has read and mastered whichever recipe out there to make sure she accomplishes just that.

They are natural home-makers and will want you to see them as such.

She introduces you to her parents

You may be in a situation where you have been asking your woman to meet her family but she has always been coy about it and the excuse of them being in ushago  all the time has been used one too many times.

Then all of a sudden, she tells you how she thinks it would be a great idea for you to come to her sister’s birthday party with the entire family.

She is subtly dropping a hint that she wants to get married.

They make sure they get approval from their man’s friends and relatives

She all of a sudden does not find your best friend to be as annoying as she once thought. She will laugh at the weird jokes he makes and will tone down on complaining about you spending too much time with them and not her.

Getting pregnant

Women ‘accidentally’ get pregnant with their man’s baby with the hopes that it will tie him down. Though it is not guaranteed that the man will actually stay in that relationship or decide to leave.

They become submissive

She is no longer fighting with you over little things but rather trying to compromise and understand why you need a couple of hours to play Fifa.


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