3 things Kenyans unconsciously look at when choosing a sitting partner in matatus

Kenyans can be quite judgmental when choosing someone to sit next to in a matatu. A scrutiny carried out by Plive.co.ke revealed some of the unfair things people unconsciously look at when choosing their seat mates.


Recently, we looked as some of the top ten annoying people you will never miss in a matatu and I bet you remembered someone you had an encounter with.

Today we will scrutinize some of the three unconscious things you look at when choosing your seat mate in a matatu.

1. Size

This might sound brutal but while walking on the corridors of a matatu you will always skip that person who is occupying their seat and half of yours.

Speaking to David, a regular commuter on the Kagemi route, he divulged that he would rather wait for the next matatu than sit next to a ‘fat person’.

2. Appearance

Looks can draw people to you or drive them away. Guys are unconsciously looking for that pretty girl to sit next to in a matatu and deliberately avoiding seats already occupied by fellow men.

Dennis, a millennial on the Ongata rongai route, mentioned to me that it is impossible for him to sit next to a guy yet there was an empty place next to a lady.

3. Age

“I often avoid sitting next to older people because they sleep a lot and would probably, lie on me in the process,” Jane who uses the Githurai 44 matatus intimated.

She mentioned that she always finds herself sitting next to younger people and it had become a decision she makes without thinking about it.

What are some of the factors you consider while choosing the person you sit next to in a matatu? Share with us.


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