Called the parallette leg lift, it amounts to alternating lifting each leg, and then briefly raising both together. Although, depending on where youre starting, simply pulsing each leg, then the other, is plenty to tax your abs. (Maryniak demos this version, too.) The last thing you want to do is push too far outside of your strength levels and risk poor form.

Maryniak recommends going for up to 30 seconds with perfect control, and repeating for 3 to 4 sets. Between sets, give yourself a good 30 seconds of rest. Upward-facing dog and gentle hip flexor stretches can help relax your working muscles before you get back to it. You may also want to perform some shoulder rotations and/or nice and easy shoulder and triceps stretches to loosen your upper body.

A few form pointers:

  • Press your arms down into the parallettes to maintain a strong upper body position with your shoulders down and locked. Dont let your torso hang.
  • Squeeze your core and lats to keep your trunk as upright as possible, your body forming a straight line from your shoulders to hips.
  • Extend the tension through your legs; maintain flexed quads and point your toes.
  • Focus on using your core to draw your legs up. Move slowly and with control to cut momentum, and avoid tipping forward to bring your chest closer your feet.

Once you're ready to move beyond the progression, check out this guide to learn how to attempt the full L-sit.