At Men's Health, we're using this period as an opportunity to build up our community and share as much useful, positive information as possible. For everyone stuck missing their typical workout routines with gyms and fitness centers closed down, we've done our best to provide as many at-home workout options as possible . But that's just the start. We're also hosting live workout sessions on Instagram with some of our favorite trainers to fill the fitness class-shaped void in your daily routine.

Dan Giordano, D.P.T. C.S.C.S. , a Men's Health Advisory Board member and practicing physical therapist, hosted the latest session from his New York City apartment. All you need to do the workout from your own home is a yoga mat (and a towel, if you want some extra knee padding). This routine aims to help you hone your mobility, a flow that you can try to do every single day. If you're feeling particularly tight, you can even try it twice.

"Mobility is the ability of a joint to move actively through a range of motion," Giordano says. "It is very important during this time that we continue to work on our mobility in order to improve your movement quality and your body awareness."

Hopefully, you were able to catch the session live and joined in the fun. For everyone else, here's the workout so you can follow along at home.