The guys start by going through each move on the course before officially running through it. They start their lesson by learning the bunny hop (a jump over a wooden plank) then the college boy roll (a 360-degree flip over a metal bar.)

"My balls! My balls!" yells Markiplier as he flips.

Next, the group hit parallel bars that they slide down, followed by a wooden beam balance.

Ethan completes it with ease, but the other guys struggle.

"I think your coordination is better than you think it is. You're not trusting yourself," says Alexander.

"I know I'm not!" says Charles.

Next, the guys hit a wall that tests their vertical leaps. While Ethan and Markiplier clear it with ease, after almost 10 attempts, Charles gets some help from Ethan who volunteers himself as a human step stool.

After another bunny hop, they come to an elevated wooden beam that they have to climb over, one that Thomas says is the hardest to complete, demonstrating as his chest bump the beam as he fails to clear it the first time.

"What if my pecs are so big I can't actually touch my fingers together?' says Markiplier.

They knock it out, with Charles getting another boost from Ethan. After another bunny hop, they hit a series of medium-height bunny hops.

"Hands on the top and over," Alexander instructs.

Back to a small bunny hop, they arrive at a double bar that they have to scale and flip over. Jumping up to grab the first bar, they grab the second bar and get their legs to rest on the first. From there, they switch to an underhand grip and flip over.

"And then I die?" says Markiplier.

Next, they bunny hop to the rope climb. Alexander instructs the guys to use their feet to hold most of their weight by wrapping the rope around their leg as they climb. After running back to the start of the course, they're set to run through the course on their own.

"I've felt better," laughs Charles.

Thomas and Ethan challenge each other first, with Thomas whooping Ethan. Next, it's Ethan versus Markiplier versus Charles.

Ethan blows the other guys out of the water, with Markiplier and Charles completing the course together, Markiplier offering a boost to Charles.

"The teamwork makes the dream work," says Alexander.