Why millennial women are opting to be housewives

In fact a lot of stay-at-home mothers have re-defined the meaning of being a housewife and have started side-businesses in addition to fully committing themselves to catering to their children.

According to a 2012 survey by Forbes and TheBump.com, 84 percent of working women said staying at home to raise children is a luxury that they aspire to.

This is due to the demanding pressure to perform as a working woman and as a mother which has made women want to opt out of the former to be more present as wives and moms.

Yes, there is the fact that we are in a different generation and a lot of men out there are completely encouraging to women taking on full time jobs.

There is that bunch of millennial women however that feel the need to want to stay at home and focus on passion projects while still attending to their children; among other reasons.

Here are some of the reasons why millennial women choose to become housewives.

1.They are more inclined to traditional ways of marriage

Yes, there are women out there that still believe in the traditional ways of marriage where the man is the head of the household and they would like nothing better than to stay at home and cater to their husband and children if they have any.

2.They want to stay at home and raise their children

We have all heard of mom guilt and especially for the first time mothers.

Refer back to our 84 percent of working women that would like to stay at home to raise their children instead of being in the office all day; there are a lot of women that actually quit their jobs to go and raise their children.

There is online work after all that is rapidly taking over in the workforce.

3.There are some that feel millennial stay at home mums are lazy

And of course there is that group that is simply just lazy and do not want to work for a living.

They want to stay at home and ‘stunt’ on everyone all over social media about how their husband got them the brand new range rover and of their overly expensive vacation trips that they rarely pay off.

4.Peer pressure generated from social media

Speaking of social media, we have all seen the millennial mothers posting photos and videos of their lavish lifestyles.

You have probably heard of Instagram models - it is a real thing. They always make sure they look amazing and make sure you know where they are and what they are up to.

They create a social media life from the one that they are actually living which can cheat a lot of their followers  out there who may want to imitate such lives.


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