5 things you should never do with your smart phone

Avoid these mistakes


That’s just how important they are and we need to take good care of them. Clearly, you just can’t afford to get careless with your smart phone.

Here are a few things you should avoid doing with your phone:

1. Using fake chargers

Chargers are made differently and designed for specific phones. The fact that a charger charges fast does not mean that it’s good quality. Some are just fake and could easily damage your smart phone.

2. Not backing up

This is one of the biggest sin you should never make yet most people are guilty of it. It’s only after your phone is lost or damaged that you realize how much data you have lost. So before it’s too late, back up your contacts, videos, documents, images and anything else you feel is important.

3. Overcharging it

How many times do your leave your phone charging overnight? You can’t even count. But you should not be doing so because over charging your phone will damage your battery.

4. Free wifi

We love free things and especially free internet. But then, the details you share here can be seen by anyone who has the intent to. And if you really have to use public wifi, consider using VPN for security purposes.

5. Not cleaning it

In case you have not been cleaning it, you should start doing it. It attracts bacteria which can harm your skin.


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