7 annoying types of neighbors we have encountered

Loud neighbors

Nosey neighbor (Courtesy)

If you’re blessed with good neighbors, then count yourself lucky as some of them can be a huge pain in the ass. Most of the times, you really can’t control who lives next to you, unless you build or buy your own home a bit far from other people where you will not be bothered by Omena smells or Somalis burning that strong smelling thingy of theirs and other such middle-class problems. Eh, but in the meantime, you have to deal with some rather annoying types of neighbors such as:

1. The really loud neighbor.

Everything about them is loud, period. They speak loudly, kill cockroaches loudly, argue loudly, move tables and beds around loudly, always having random ‘constructions’ at odd hours, have sex loudly, will put music on loudly at like 7 am on a Saturday morning and you cannot help but wonder what’s up with them, like, maybe their eardrums are not functioning properly? The worst kind. God forbid they have a dog because that's double the noise!

2. The dirty neighbor.

This one is very underrated, yet more common than ever. You may be the cleanest person ever but someway somehow, you’ll start seeing roaches or rats coming to your house. Well it’s simply because your next-door neighbor has no idea on what cleanliness is. They live like pigs in there, and sooner than later, cockroaches start migrating to your place too.

3. The nosey neighbor.

You come with a visitor and suddenly, this neighbor is out fixing the door mat or closing the window. SMH. What a coincidence that you just had to close the window the minute I walked in with a visitor. This nosey neighbor always wants to know what’s going on in your life.

4. The gossip.

There’s always that estate gossip that knows everything about everyone, including the landlord’s business. Basically, this person thrives on gossip – it feeds his/her soul. They’d probably not have a life if there was nothing else to do but gossip. Be very careful with this person because you cannot trust them with any of your personal information as sooner than later, everyone else will know all about your business.

5. The party animal.

Always having parties and inviting friends over and they end up making noise all night. Worse still, they sort of act like they own the entire place, not even a small notice to alert us of the noise prior to the party.

6. The snitch.

He smells a little weed, police. Hears you have a party? Calls police on you. You don’t know who it is but this person is basically a jerk. He/she doesn’t even have the balls to come knock at your door and confront you first before calling the cops on you.

7. The ill-mannered kids.

Loud, annoying little fuckers who will come knock at your door or ring the bell and then run away. They think that you’re in the mood to joke or play with them. You keep wishing you'll catch them one day and give them a few proper pinches or a piece of you.


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