Stop Everything You're Doing And Check Out This Amazing Innovation!

This unique food and drinks App combines drinks and Movies in a visually driven platform that covers your social and personal cravings.

One of the most beautiful brains that have ever been produced on the Kenyan soil just keeps wowing and wowing us every single day with her amazing innovations , bright brains and pioneering creations.

After launching the Pink Gal Foundation, an empowerment project meant to  give girls a bright future by preparing them for international development opportunities, now, Michele Kariuki ,who is also the daughter of City music mogul Joe Kariuki has developed an App that is already catching fire weeks before it’s official launch.

Michele Kariuki, the NikoHub App founder and President Photo/ Facebook

The App, titled is some sort of Uber-style mobile application that connects the consumer directly to the products right at the comfort of his home.

Imagine your favorite foods and movies and drinks being just one click away – and you need to do to access all that is to just open up your phone, find the App, make a couple clicks and boom , your food is delivered at your door. Or that latest series.

This may sound conventional until you get to really understand what NikoHub really is all about –and just how easy it’s making life for Kenyans and Africans at large.

This is actually perfect for most Kenyans who love to laze around and lounge about their homes with no much to do other than just chilling and just having a little good time with friends, family or even with Bae.

The app’s uniquely designed features allows the community to find many utilities on Nikohub to be very helpful as it offers practical value that is not currently seen on other social media platforms.

A screengrab of the NikoHub App

It’s also the first social utility app of its kind to help users to order for food, drinks and movies at the comfort of their place with incredible ease, convenience and flexible delivery at your doorstep.

With NikoHub, you don’t need to make that dreary trip to the Movie shop or to the Kiosk or to the Pizza Inn to wait for long minutes as your pizza gets ready and packed and stuff.

You also get to get anything you want by avoiding the long queues that consumers always have to make as they wait for their orders to be ready. God knows that sucks.

Just like with Uber, NikoHub tells you how far your preferred food joint or movie place is and how long you get to wait for your delivery to be done. It also links you up with the nearest joints and shops which also makes service delivery quite fast and incredibly effective.

Users are also able to get ideas and suggestions of places to dine, either through social networking or from recommendations of nearby places through a push experience format that showcases actual images shared by the user community.

This is the best thing to happen to anyone who values a quiet weekend indoors. Or those guys who love to have wild house parties but are too wasted to actually walk out and go hunting for a Mzinga.

Relax, NikoHub has got all your canal needs covered. You ain't ever gonna have to complain agian. Or walk in the scorching sun just to grab a cold Tusker around the block.



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