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Love don't cost a thing: Cheap date ideas for couples on a low budget

Different dating ideas that are affordable

Not surprisingly, dating is obviously expensive in this economy. It being the policy of every restaurant to ensure their food is less and the prices higher every heightened political season. So when J. Lo said love don’t cost a thing, she lied.

Or at least, she was briefly misleading. Because dating can still be affordable without having to stay home and cook for bae.

It just takes a little imagination.


Here are eight awesome low budget dating activities.

Exotic food

Well I say exotic, but it’s essentially local and cheap AF. This is where you visit a kibanda. Especially the ones with ridiculously delicious food that can’t be replicated elsewhere. For guidance ask campus students or people who work in very expensive areas but never complain about going hungry all day.


Local museums have very cheap entrance fees. The Kenya National Archives has an entry fee of Sh50. The Railway Museum entry fee is Sh200. The National Museum is Sh500.


Cheap cinema days

If you really want to go see a movie with bae but you’re the kind of couple who need to buy the 70 bob family loaf to last you a week then you don’t need to be attending film premieres and weekend runs.

Cinemas have their budget offers with Planet Media and Century Cinemax having this on Thursdays and Imax having low prices early Saturday mornings.

Nature walks

Visiting places like the Karura Forest, Nairobi Safari Walk and the Animal Orphanage are things almost everybody does but hey they don't dent the pocket and they give very eco friendly insta stories.


Game Yetu

Sports are surprisingly cheap. You and bae can go watch a football match or a basketball game or a hockey game live at the universities or stadia where they’re held.

Alternatively you can go for watching parties in sports bars where entry is free and the crowd is so large you don’t need to order to keep a seat.

Poetry readings

From open mic nights to poetry and spoken word performances, their entry fees are affordable and for a few hours you can show bae how in touch you are with your artistic side.



This requires you to download the app available on Android and iOS. The game is like a GPS activated scavenger hunt. Where an account holder can use GPS to find a hidden object and when they find it, report it found and replace it with something else. The objects are usually beautiful, innocuous. The conversation starters you would find in an eclectic writer’s home. It can be quite fun and it’s got a growing community in Nairobi.

Quiz nights

These ones may require you to build a team. Go on a double date or drag your friends with you. The ones that require registration fees are usually affordable and for others the price of admission is one beer. If you want to show bae your nerdy or competitive side at reasonable prices- try this.


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