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5 ways to make sure you don’t get broke by the time this festive season ends

The festive season has kicked in and as usual money is expected to be spent like crazy. So how do you make sure you still have a coin with you by the time Christmas and New Year festivities come to an end?


Most salary earners have already been paid their November salaries which is push them until the end of December when the next pay cheque comes.

But almost everybody becomes a spendthrift in December, I mean you can’t avoid it. So how do you survive through this month of festivities without getting broke?

1.  Self discipline

Get your priorities right, steer clear of everything you didn’t budget for. Most shops will lure you with amazing discounts but if you hadn’t planned to buy that 53-inch LED TV, just forget it and budged for it with the next pay cheque.


2. Whatever money you get, save it

Bank mobile banking service was invented to help you save small amounts of money that can’t make you queue at banks to save in your account.

Mobile app like MCo-op Cash helps you to transfer money from your Mpesa to your bank account. The little coins you save can help you big time when money is hard to come by.

3. Invest in books or movies

If you haven’t paid for your TV just yet, now is a better time to. An idle mind is the devil’s workshop; you may be tempted to go out since December has the most explosive parties which also drain your money.


If you are used to partying on weekends alone, keep doing so since unplanned parties may cost you your cash.  To avoid boredom and temptation of going out during your free time, keep yourself busy with movies.

You can pay for your DSTV, ZUKU, STARTIMES etc at the comfort of your home with MCo-op Cash, it’s most convenient in paying for goods and services.

4. Just walk with enough cash with you

The more cash you have with you the more you are tempted to spend. And in case you are thinking what if emergency comes, there is mobile banking service you can use.

5. Take a loan


This is the last resolution to take when you can’t avoid being broke. Instant loan is available on your phone thanks to Mco-op Cash.

Click the link below to see how you can get mobile loan


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