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5 lies you tell yourself that keep you in debt

Are you guilty of lying to yourself like this?

You receive your salary and are excited that you finally have something in your pocket – then it hits you. You still have to pay off your debt at the salon plus you can’t forget to repay that loan you got from your friend when you were in a fix. Also, you still have student loans to pay for and you need to save.

Before you know it, you're barely left with any spending money and are right back to square one – getting loans to help keep you going – sigh.

The problem may not be the amount of money that you are receiving but more to do with your habits in paying those debts back.


If you’ve ever told yourself any of these lies when you are faced with debt, then it may be time to start being honest with yourself and sort out your debt.

“I’ll pay it tomorrow”

Why not today when you said you would pay it back? Why wait until tomorrow? The debt will still be the same amount as the day before.

“There are other things I need to pay for right now”

The debt is still not going away and will keep lingering over your head. Just pay it and forget about it once and for all. Pushing it back will only increase your list of debts.


“I’m not the only one that’s in debt”

Don’t compare yourself to other people. Everyone’s situation is different so don’t console yourself with the fact that you are in the same boat. They are focused on their situation and you should be focused on yours.

“I’ll pay when I get more money”

What if the more money does not come when you expected it to. Settle the debt and move on with your life.

Source: The Balance


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