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5 smart ways to spend your Christmas bonus

This cash gift only comes once a year.

It’s that time of the year again. Companies are releasing colourful infographics all over Twitter that show their net profit from March till September. And we all know what that means. Christmas bonuses!

The bonuses are a reward system for hardworking employees and they range from the generous to the extravagant.

Besides, if your job is the kind where you get a bonus, it's one of those ones where you've made it.

Here are 5 smart ways to spend that Christmas bonus.


Clear your debts

When you have stacked up the debts from your friends and family that time your wallet ran dry, use this bonus to make sure that you clear them.

Improve your credit rating among your loaners.

Add money to your emergency fund

Your rainy day kitty should always be stocked should anything unfortunate happen. Use the bonus to ensure that the fund is boosted.


Give back

Contribute to a charity that speaks to you. Be it donating to relief organisations, refugee camps, children’s homes, people that need help with medical bills etc.

Beef up your savings

Whether it’s your usual savings or if you are saving for a holiday, land or a fancy phone- use the bonus to add to get even more serious with your savings.

Reward yourself


If you wanted to visit a spa, or have a decadent dinner at Kempinski or some such, after you’re fulfilled your other obligations, use the bonus to gift yourself. You only live once, right?


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