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Lifestyle changes that will help you save money during quarantine

Which lifestyle changes have you been forced to make?

Lifestyle changes to save money

This is the time that we all see the importance of saving. At least, it’s one of the lessons that most of us have had to learn from the COVID-19 pandemic. Those who had savings can now appreciate their sacrifice and those that never did can now see a reason to start doing so.

Whether your salary has already been slashed, you have lost your job, or business, there are few lifestyle changes you can make to at least survive through this difficult time.

Here are some of our tips to help you save up:

1. Kitchen garden


This is the perfect time to get dirty in your kitchen garden and make use of it. It will save you a big deal on money and also help you to stay home because you won’t need to go get groceries. What of those with no kitchen gardens? Pretty easy, make use of your balcony space. Plant some kales, spinach, or any other vegetables that you use often.

2. Make detergent

Learn how to make detergent at home and say goodbye to buying soaps and washing powders. You can get instructions online or ask people who have been doing it.

3. Do your laundry


I know this is not the easiest of chores but if you look at the bigger picture, you will do it. Instead of having your regular mama fua do your laundry every week, put that money in your emergency kitty. This is also a good time to teach your kids how to do house chores.

4. Cook your food

If you are still going for takeaways, you need to change that if you want to save. Use your free time to learn how to cook a few dishes and be making your food at home. It’s way cheaper than buying food from a restaurant or even the supermarket.


5. Make snacks for kids

Now that kids are at home all day, you might find that you will need to buy more snacks than you normally do. But you could also team up with your kids and let them help you to make their favourite snacks.

6. Cereals are your best friend


Get a variety of cereals and store in your pantry instead of buying beef every day. On weekends, boil what you will need throughout the week and freeze.

7. Do your hair

Let’s say you use Ksh 3 000 on your hair every month. What if you learnt these DIY hairstyles and saved that money?


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