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7 mistakes people make in their 20s

Dangerous mistakes

Some of the decisions and mistakes people make in their 20s can actually end up affecting the rest of their lives in a good or bad way. And because people at this age bracket are adventurous in nature, they tend to make gross mistakes.

These are seven common mistakes people make in their 20s;

1. Wasting time


Slogans such as “Life starts at 40” are common among people in their 20s. They feel like they have all the time to in the world and are never in a hurry to do anything. A lot of time that could have been used in acquiring new skills and reading is spent lazing around and unnecessary partying.

2. Not saving

Most people in their 20s have no family responsibilities and thus see no essence of saving money. All their hard-earned money goes to clubs and flashy lifestyles and they don’t care what life would be like if they lost their job.

3. Neglecting their health

Who even has time for physical exercise whereas one has to catch up with the latest series? They fill their lives with so many unnecessary things such that they no longer care about their diet and other things affecting their health.


4. Being too comfortable

At this age, people want to drive good cars, live in a fine house but no one wants to work for it. They expect that things will just be fine even if they are not trying.

5. Peer pressure

You thought it’s only teenagers who fall prey to peer pressure? Not really. People in their 20s want to be like their friends and to fit in a certain class. Some end up leading lives that are way beyond their standards.


6. Sticking to wrong relationships

Young people believe they still have time to play around in relationships. After all, life is never that serious. Unfortunately, some people will stick in relationships for reasons such as money and sex knowing very well that the relationship has no future.

7. Undefined goals

Everyone has goals they wish to achieve but people in their 20s are never sure of what they want to do with their lives. They are confused on what career path to follow and can end up making wrong choices.


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