8 biggest mistakes people make when buying a smartphone

The camera is not everything


At this age, everyone needs a smartphone and not just a smartphone but a good one. The market is so full of them and choosing the best is not easy. Some are as cheap as Ksh 3 000 and the price can be as high as would never imagine.

If you are looking for a smartphone, do not be a victim of these common mistakes committed by most people:

1. Making your decision based on price only

If you want a good smartphone, be ready to part with some good money. Cheap phones will give you problems shortly after buying them. All the same, don’t assume that an expensive phone means it’s of good quality. It’s not always the case. Put other features into consideration before settling on one phone.

2. Putting the camera as the first consideration

A good camera is one of the features you may consider when buying a phone. But it should not be the most important one. A camera won’t store your data or make your phone fast. If a camera is all you want, you should probably get a real camera but not a phone that only boasts of a good camera but all the other features are of low quality.

3. Buying from the first shop where you find it

If you already know the phone you want, take your time to visit different shops and compare the prices. You might be lucky to find it on offer at one shop yet it’s not on offer in other outlets.

4. Ignoring smaller brands

People assume that major brands such as Apple and Samsung are the only ones with good phones which is not the case. You can get a good phone from smaller brands at a fairer price.

5. Not knowing what you want

Not knowing what features you are looking for in a phone will get you to settle for anything. Once you know the apps and features you want, you will be in a better position to make an informed decision.

6. Getting a second-hand smartphone

It may be cheaper but it won’t last as long as a new phone. Not to mention that the phone could also have been stolen. You do not want to get into trouble with authorities, do you?

7. Believing TV commercials

Truth be told, TV ads will only highlight the very best features of the phone. In fact, the features might even be exaggerated. Do your own research before getting any phone and don’t be duped that a certain phone is a heaven just because some ads say so.

8. Not asking for help

Sadly, some people shy away from asking for help when it comes to acquiring smart gadgets. If you are not tech savvy, it’s okay to seek help from someone who is. Else, you will be duped by selfish marketers to buy a phone that does not meet your standards.


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