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Advantages of drinking at home before going clubbing

Why pre-gaming is a must

Friends at a house party (Courtesy-corbis)

It might be too early to talk about the weekend but it’s not wrong to be prepared right? Nights out have become pretty expensive. By the time you factor in taxi, food and drinks money, that’s already a clean 3k plus, even more if you’re treating your lady. For this reason, more and more people are preferring to drink at home or pre-game. Basically, pre-gaming is having a few drinks before hitting the club scene. You can pre-game at home or at a local where you’re not really spending a lot of money and preferably with friends, to save costs. Here's why pre-gaming is a must for anyone looking to save money.

1. BYOB.

No, I’m not talking about Safaricom’s Blaze campaign. BYOB here, is in reference to Bring Your Own Bottle. The good thing with BYOB is you can all have each other’s drinks and share, or you can drink what you brought. In essence, you have more drinks and you can get lit way before the main party. If people are on a budget, you can also contribute and buy some cheap vodka and make a punch or cocktails.


2. You get to socialize.

Think about it, in the club, you can barely hear each other due to the loud noise and chances are, you don’t even have sitting space so you’re scattered all over. Good thing with pre-gaming is that you actually get to socialize with your friends, talk and have fun together over a couple of drinks.

3. You’re your own DJ.

If you’re pre-gaming at the parking, a house and such, you get to have your own playlist and enjoy music you actually like, without a hundred DJ interruptions.


4. You can contribute money for food.

Another advantage of pre-gaming is that you can contribute money and order some nyama or pizzas and eat properly while drinking so that once you’re out, you’re not spending so much on food and drinks.

5. You can play a tone of fun drinking games.


The club scene starts way later. You have all the time to get lit to a point that you only need one beer or water once you get to the club.

6. Pre-gaming does come with some disadvantages though, so be warned.

For instance, you can overindulge and end up blacking out, or smoke weed then end up dozing off. Or, you can take too long to get ready because, getting ready when tipsy is not particularly the easiest thing out there. To be safe, pre-game when ready to hit the club so that you’re not really having to go back and change because I promise you, the minute you see your bed, you’ll be tempted to sleep.


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