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7 CV mistakes that are keeping you from getting hired

Don't take chances with your CV

You see, even a very smart person can look like a dumb if their CV is not well presented.

These common CV mistakes could be the reason you are yet to get your dream job:

1. Lying


We all want to present ourselves as knowledgeable and experienced people whenever we are applying for a job. This, however, is not a clever idea. Sometimes, the interviewer can ask you to perform a task you claim to have skills for on your CV. If you are unable, that will be the last day you hear from them.

2. Generic resume

If you are applying for an accountant job in a bank, tailor your CV to suit that position. Only include your working experience that is related to that job post. If you ever worked as a mechanic or bartender, don’t include it.

3. Long CV

A CV is not an autobiography and it should be as precise as possible. Normally, a good CV should not be more than two pages. Recruiters have loads of CV to go through and if yours is a booklet, they may choose to keep it aside.


4. Spelling and grammar

There are lots of people applying for the same job as you and you must make your resume stand out. While you could be qualified for the job, a single grammar mistake or typo is enough to eliminate you. Such mistakes portray you as a careless person who cannot take time to do a great job.

5. Responsibilities/accomplishments

Employers are not interested in what you did as a teacher or a sales person. Instead, they want to know what you achieved as a teacher, how influential you were and how you increased the company’s sales. Talk of your accomplishments in your previous jobs rather than stating your duties.


6. Wrong contact information

Your CV may be superb only that you could have given the wrong contact information. Before sending your CV, ensure you put the correct email address as well as the phone number. Otherwise, you may keep forwarding the same resume with the same mistake for years.

7. Too many jobs over a short period

Having a working experience from different places is cool but it’s not when it’s over a short period. If you have worked at five different companies within a year, it’s enough reason to raise eyebrows. It might be an indication that you are not serious with work hence the reason you are hopping from company A to B.


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