How to overcome a major career setback

How to get over those Ls life keeps on throwing at you.

Be it the loss of a job, not getting shortlisted after a promising interview or losing your money to a poor gamble- the Ls have been coming hard. And they don’t seem to be stopping.

Whether finding out that your new job paid a lot less than it had originally promised or being “let go” by that awesome job, start playing Destiny Child’s Survivor as you note down these steps to getting over an L.

Here 7 things to do when you fall in life

Write down your lessons

Even though you made the silliest mistake, make the effort and note down somewhere that you learnt never to call your boss’ PA a soul sucking harridan.

Forgive yourself

Don’t be mad at yourself. That’s your bae’s job. Understand that you’re human and sometimes your will to act before you think will get the better of you.

Be reasonably positive

Think about the good things that came out of that event. If it was misplaced bet, take a little perverse joy in the fact that you were a victim of peer pressure from your friends who are the admins of a WhatsApp sports betting group.

Eat right

Don’t fail to follow your normal eating and sleeping routine due to stress. You don’t want to make things worse.

Let go of the anger

If the events that led you to getting that L aren’t your fault, stop fantasising running into your wrongdoer- with a truck.

Accept and move on


Figure out your next steps

Meditate on whether you need to let go of the situation and start a new chapter of your life. If your propensity for trouble is what led to the occurrence, go apologize and see how you can fix the problem. If it’s something out of your control like being retrenched from your job, sit down and figure out a game plan for how you will earn a little upkeep while you take your job seeking to the next level.

All the best. Never let those Ls keep you down.


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