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11 annoying habits of Kenyan taxi drivers

Some taxi drivers can really ruin your day

Can we talk about taxi hailing apps in Kenya for a second?

I cant deny the fact that companies like Mondo Ride, Uber, Taxify and the rest of the taxi hailing apps out there came to save us. Due to competition, it's pretty easy and affordable to move around in a taxi now, compared to back in the day when we only had traditional taxi options. But, while it's been convenient and all, the taxi hailing app experiences are yet to become smooth and seamless. Some drivers can really ruin your day. There's just something off about some of them.

Here are annoying things we all hate about taxi hailing app drivers.

1. Calling you immediately after they accept the request like "Where exactly are you?"


Is it that they can't see the map or what?

2. Besides being blind when it comes to looking at the map,

for some reason, they can't find the location without getting lost for a good ten minutes.

3. You basically know the directions better than them. Changamka boss.

4. Some just won't stop talking.


5. And what's with the smelly and dirty cars? Every now and then, you come a cross a car smelling like a he-goat was in there.

Like, clean the car for Pete's sake.

6. Being rude.

7. Canceling on you or asking you to cancel cause "the neighbour's hen is missing and he has to go help look for it"

or some other ridiculous reason...


8. I'm I the only one that gets irked when I see the driver is completing a trip?

What makes the driver think that I have the luxury of waiting for him to finish his business?

9. They never have change.

God knows how many 40,30,60 bobs I have left with drivers.

10. Stopping over for fuel.


"Unaeza lipa saa hii nieke mafuta kiasi?"

11. Using an outdated GPS so that the trip price is more.


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