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Tips to pay off your debts faster

Delete the loan apps

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Debts can be so burdening and you can’t grow financially unless you pay them off.

Sometimes you try paying them off only to find yourself taking more and more. And before you know it, you are struggling to get out of debt. To get out of debt, you must first have the will power. It’s not easy especially if your income is constant but it’s still doable.

We believe these tips will help you get out of debt soon:

1. Pay debts with high interest first


The more you stay with a high-interest loan, the more you will have to pay. Begin with the high-interest ones followed by low-interest ones. You can then finish with the soft loans.

2. Throw any excess money into paying off the debt

If you happen to get some extra money whether it’s from betting or a side hustle, don’t start making plans for it. Instead, use it to reduce your debts.


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3. Pay as much as you can every month

Once you get your monthly salary, don’t postpone paying off the debts. Pay as much as possible to get out of debt faster.

4. Delete loan apps


Once you’ve finished paying off a loan from a specific loan app, delete it. This will prevent you from being prompted to borrow more money. Ensure the only apps you have are those you still owe money.

5. Get a side hustle

This is the best way to get out of debt faster. You can channel all the money you get from side hustles to paying off your debts.


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