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How Kenya Power tokens work

This is how KPLC tokens are charged

About prepaid Keya power tokens

Kenya Power tokens have been a big part of our lives since their advent in 2011. We all have to keep on the lookout in case the tokens get exhausted at a very inconvenient time. We therefore demystify how the Kenya Power token system works in order to be at a good vantage point.


How the Pre-paid Tariffs are charged using Kenya Power token

According to KPLC a monthly fixed charge of Ksh 150 has to be paid. It is an absolute cost that every user has to be subjected to every month.

Secondly the user has to pay energy charges of Sh2.50 per unit for the first 50 units in a month. From 50-1500 units consumed, it is billed at Sh12.75 per unit. The consumer will pay Sh20.57 per unit for units above 1500.

Therefore here is an illustration of how the charges are calculated:

For Sh500 spent in the first month and you get 32.3, this is how the calculations are arrived at:


A fixed charge of Sh150

Unit charge of Sh2.50 for the first 0-50 units- 2.50 x 32.3 = 80.75

Fuel- Sh5.71 x 32.3 = 184.43

Forex- Sh0.17 x 23 = 5.49

Warma- Sh0.05 x 32.3 = 1.62


Inflation- 0.18 x 32.3 = 5.81

REP (Rural Electrification Program) of 5% x 80.75 = 4.04

ERC (Energy Regulatory Commission) of 0.03 x 32.3 = 0.97

VAT (Value Added Tax) of 16% x (150+80.75+184.43+5.49) = 67.31

The total is Sh500.


If you buy a second time in the same month using the same amount of Sh500, it will be billed as follows:

Fixed charge- 0

Unit charge- 1 0-50 units will be calculated as 50 – 32.3 = 17.7 x 2.50 =44.25

2 51-1,500 units to be calculated as 31.3 – 17.7 = 13.6 x 13.68 = 186.05

Fuel- 5.71 x 31.3 = 178.2


Forex- 0.17 x 31.3 = 5.32

Warma- 0.05 x 31.3 = 1.57

Inflation- 0.18 x 31.3 = 5.63

REP (Rural Electrification Program) 5% x 230.3 = 11.51

ERC (Energy Regulatory Commission) 0.03 x 31.3 = 0.94


VAT (Value Added Tax) 16% x (44.25+186.05+178.72+5.32) = 66.29

All the above values add up to Sh500.

WARMA levy means energy purchased from hydropower plants above 1mw.


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