Here is the perfect reward that soothes the aftermath of Donald Trump’s unexpected victory

A somber mood engulfed the world when Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump, won US presidential elections. But all is not lost as there are several ways to seek redemption.


What a perfect way of getting rid of Trump-related stress other than winning rewards! Co-operative bank has decided to reward its customers who transact via the new MCo-op cash app.

Free airtime, smart phones, cash prizes and laptops are some of the gifts Co-operative bank has rolled out to Kenyans through the ‘Transact Uzawadiwe’ campaign.

To participate, simply download the new MCo-opCash App from Google Play for android users or App store for Iphone users.

Transact using MCo-op cash app then share your transaction details. Share your transaction details here

After sharing your transactions, invite your friends to participate using the hashtag #TransactUzawadiwe.

A new laptop from Co-operative bank sure will make you forget Trump wasn’t supposed to win! Download MCo-opCash App and transact because you might be just that lucky winner.


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