8 types of bad bosses we have all had

They are the worst

Stressed woman at work(KOKO TV Nigeria)

We have all had bad bosses. They make you hate a job you love and the working environment becomes unbearable just because of one bad boss. Unfortunately, most of these bad bosses tend to be buddies with the MDs. Hence, even though you have an issue to raise against your boss, it’s very unlikely that someone will listen to you leave alone getting help.

And while they are pretty annoying and you dream of the day you will get a chance to punch them on the face, sometimes you just have to play it cool. At least for the sake of your bills.

If you have some working experience, we bet you must have come across these types of bad bosses:

1. Micro managers

These are the worst bosses ever. They monitor everything you do and can’t even trust you to send an email without proofreading it. They feel like you can’t handle issues on your own and they have to be there for you to do your job well.

2. Credit thieves

You do a commendable job, but instead of them appreciating and acknowledging your job, they take all the credit.

3. Difficult to approach

This is another type that you would rather not deal with. They are ever gloomy, moody or angry for heavens knows what. Even when you have a burning issue, you are afraid to face them.

4. One who has favorites

It’s natural to click or not click with some people. And while the boss may not necessarily like everyone, it’s another thing to show favoritism to some people. At least, everyone should be treated equally.

5. Divide and rule type

The only best way for them to lead is by dividing their juniors. They will even make sure that you are fighting among yourselves as it is in such situations that they thrive best.

6. The Bully

They will call you names, rubbish your efforts and humiliate you in presence of others. They never appreciate your work.

7. Bootlickers

They will go their way out to please their superiors at the expense of their juniors. Never ever will they stand by their juniors because they are afraid of losing favors.

8. The know it all bosses

You can never convince them otherwise and they are always right. Yours is just to watch and follow and your contribution is never welcome.


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