15 types of people in every office

Which one are you?

It's always great to work with different people, of different backgrounds and ages. In fact, what makes a work environment fun is a great mix of different personalities. Whether you work in a white or blue collar job, one thing that is constant is that you will always come across these people in every work environment or at least in a majority of offices:

1. The gossip.

This person literally knows about everyone's business and takes it upon themselves to spread the latest gossip and rumor in town. We love the office gossip as we get to keep ourselves updated on what's going on, not just in the office setup but also out there.

2. The quiet one.

This is the person that never really gets in the mix of anything. They do their job and stay out of any drama. Everyone likes them.

3. The chatter box.

Super fun, super talkative and talks to pretty much everyone. These are the kind, when there are new interns, they will be the first ones to make them feel comfortable and acclimatized to the new environment because they have their way with words.

4. Lunch squad.

They always go out for lunch together and have a special lunch besties bond. The lunch squad always has the most lit conversations too and the rest always want to join in on the fun.

5. Secret office couple.

Everyone can tell that there is something fishy going on between them but they think that no one is aware.

6. The overdresser.

They go out of their way to always look good and we can't help but admire the effort after all, it's always better to be overdressed than underdressed right?

7. The boss pleaser.

They want to be liked by the boss. They will probably snitch on everyone and will do anything to get to the top. These are the kind you should be careful around.

8. The one that's constantly unwell.

They always have "sick leaves" and "funerals" to attend. It doesn't even surprise you when you see that they did not make it to the office.

9. The thief.

You come with your water mug and suddenly, it vanishes. Pens cannot be left untouched on the desks, etc. Office thieves will even steal lunch. In some offices, it's so bad that you have to mark your lunch so that it doesn't get stolen.

10. The one that always carries 'struggle' food.

There's always that someone that carries some 'struggle food' for lunch, like Omena. Hehe, sometimes, that's what someone can afford, but when it's lunch time, suddenly, the whole office smells some type of way. We love them though.

11. The one that can't handle their drink during end of year parties.

12. The bad vibes person.

There's just an aura of negativity around them. No one really gets along with them, they're boring, annoying, get annoyed by everything, and in fact you wouldn't feel an ounce of emotion if they got fired.

13. Office besties.

They come together, leave together, party together, and are friends even outside of the work space; they wouldn't even imagine how life would be if one of them left the company.

14. The veteran.

They started working there long ago when the company was established and they have seen it all. They are much older than everyone else but they don't want to retire just yet.

15. The one whose job you never really understand.

There's always that one person that you've never quite understood their job description. You kinda wonder why they were hired or if what they do is even necessary, but then again, it's not your company and you should probably just mind your own busines.


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