Heart warming message to all mothers.

No reward matches a mother's love.

Moms should be celebrated more than one day a year.

I have no idea how joyous it is to see your child for the first time, but I have a wild fantasy about it.

I can't imagine what it is like spending hours by your baby’s side nurturing, caring, and raising a little one in preparation for this world.

I've grown up seeing people transform from childhood to adulthood, thanks to the mothers. The older I get the more I recognize the sacrifices mothers make for their children. I always admire when I see mothers wake up, rush to a child’s bed and then kiss the child for the day.

Mothers show such sense of pride in their children from the moment they take their first steps. To the bitter-sweetness they show when their child walks across the stage of their graduation. They worry when their kids seem like they make the wrong decisions.

A mother’s love is a sacrificial one. They do anything to bring joy to the table, if not food.

In most cases, they would give up on their dreams to accommodate that life they brought to the world. They lay down their desires selflessly and turn all attention to the one thing they can't live without. It's so miraculous to see a mothers love.

I feel sometimes that even though there is a Mother’s Day, mothers are hardly recognized. I've seen so many people even this year scurry around trying to find something just to give their mother a thank-you.

Just so people wouldn't say in disgust "you didn't buy your mom a present?" When the truth is: No amount of presents or saying thank you will ever measure up to the sacrifices our mothers continue to make for us. They wouldn't even accept them. Even at this age my mother will turn to me on mother’s day and say. "My daughter, you didn't have to get me anything. The greatest gift I have is you."

I have never been able to turn to a human being and say that to them. Our mothers consider us as a gift. So let us appreciate them not only mother’s day but every day.

To be a mother is not an easy task, yet they do it proudly everyday no matter what is asked. Though jobs may bring us stress, and problems grow by the week, Take a step back and look at your mother today, she did a job well done.

But we are too busy even to send cards, flowers, or just pick up her phone call. One day it will be too late for the apologies, too late for the “I love you mum” rarely send messages. No need to say it later when you should have done it now.

So take your phone and call her just to tell her how much she means to you or just pay her surprise visit. Buy her favorite dress or take her out for dinner. There are a lot we can do for them and believe me mothers appreciate it all.

I can only hope to give back the love our mothers have shown us. I hope every day that we live our lives we remember her and show our love for her in everything that we do.

The appreciation she deserves is more than we could ever give to her... But we can try. So this mother’s day do something unique for her.

Happy Mother's Day to all MOTHERS in the world!


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