Relief for Kenyans after plastic bag ban

After the plastic bag ban, Kenyans were worried about where to throw their trash…

One of them is what they will do with their trash since they can’t carry it in a gunny bags (gunia) or cloth-like bags since it will seep through.

NEMA has sought to clear the air by issuing a statement on flat bags used as garbage and liners for the bins of harmful waste such as medical waste and chemical waste.

“Hazardous waste liners are exempted so long as they are legibly and permanently labelled (and colour-coded and are incinerated together with the waste.

Garbage Liners are also exempted on condition that they are clearly labelled and have demonstrated effective and efficient Extended Producer/User Responsibility and/or effective Take Back Schemes. The liners will NOT be dumped together with the waste but will be emptied and reused or recycled by the licensed waste collector and transporter (the end user).”  Read part of the statement.

Since plastic carrier bags aka Jualas are being banned NEMA has offered the following alternatives:


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