Children inherit their intelligence from their mothers - Research

Men beware, here's another thing to consider when picking out a wife.

It's all about conditioned genes.

Usually, it follows with "Saa zile amekosea ni wangu, eh?" from the mother.

Well, science has a sense of humour and this time the jokes on you dear moms. A research done shows that children get their intelligence from their mothers.

Yup, according to Independent UK, women are more likely to transmit intelligence genes to their children because they are carried on the X chromosome and women have two of these, while men only have one.

These are defined as “conditioned genes” . They are thought to work only if they come from the mother in some cases and the father in other cases. Intelligence is believed to be among the conditioned genes that have to come from the mother.

They also believe that genes for advanced cognitive functions which are inherited from the father may be automatically deactivated.

Mothers have also been found to play an extremely significant role in this non-genetic part of intelligence, with some studies suggesting a secure bond between mother and child is intimately tied to intelligence.

Here's proof:

Independent UK says that researchers at the University of Washington found that a secure emotional bond between a mother and child is crucial for the growth of some parts of the brain.  They analysed a group of mothers relating with their children for seven years and found that children who were supported emotionally and had their intellectual needs fulfilled had a 10 per cent larger hippocampus at 13 on average than children whose mothers were emotionally distant. The hippocampus is an area of the brain associated with memory, learning and stress response.

It get's better.

A strong bond with the mother is thought to give a child a sense of security which allows them to explore the world, and the confidence to solve problems. In addition, devoted, attentive mothers tend to help children solve problems, further helping them to reach their potential.

But fathers are not completely useless either.

A whole array of other gene determined traits like intuiton and emotions that can be inherited from the father are also key to unlocking potential intelligence.


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